#BasketballWives: Malaysia And Jackie Christie Looking Like They’re Going To Scrap In The Trailer Has Twitter In SHAMBLES

malaysia jackie

Source: VH1 / VH1

The Basketball Wives midseason trailer hit and the rest of the episodes look like they are going to be absolutely insane from jump. We saw Evelyn slapping her…uh…lips or something during a fight with OG and we also saw what looks to be a real life brawl between Malaysia and Jackie Christie. The two get all up in each other’s faces and it looks legitimately violent. We know Jackie can lay some wood so we’re all pretty scared for Malaysia here.

Overall the trailer looked to be a hot a$$ mess and we are here for it. So what do you think the fight is about? Who’s lying? Who’s real? Who’s fake? Who do you have your money on? Twitter is here for all of it and the reactions are hilarious:


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