Bennett College Loses Accreditation After Raising $9.5 Million In Donations—But Gets It Restored

Bennett College

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Wait, what???

Bennett College Loses Accreditation, Gets It Back

After donors nationwide rallied together to save an HBCU, a board STILL denied the college its accreditation—but ultimately was defeated, for now at least.

As previously reported Bennett College proudly announced that it raised $8.2 million, surpassing the required $5 million to keep it accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). That number has since jumped to a whopping $9.5 million in donations.

Despite that Wxii12 reported that Bennett STILL lost its accreditation. The SACSCOC released a press release to the news station confirming that Bennett’s accreditation was still revoked and noted that the Appeals Committee of the College Delegate Assembly would be holding up their December 9 decision.

The board claimed that Bennett was still lacking financial resources.

The school “failed to show that the institution possesses resources demonstrating a stable financial base to support the mission and scope of programs and services,” said the board.

After the news broke, Bennett took swift action and filed a lawsuit against The SACSCOC.

Journal Now reports that Bennett had their accreditation restored by a federal judge in Atlanta who granted the college a temporary restraining order that lets them keep their accreditation while the lawsuit remains active.

The President of the college has since spoken out and she’s assuring students and alumni that Bennett’s still fighting.

“Our fight continues, … ” said President Phyllis Worthy Dawkins. “The negative decision … to remove Bennett from membership will not interrupt the daily operations of the college. … We urge everyone to keep the faith and know that Bennett College is standing strong.”

Fight on Bennett, we’re glad to see that the Bennett Belles are still standing.


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