Canada’s top doctor: Approach U.S. border reopening with ‘extreme caution’

Fauci’s warning contrasted with arguments made in recent weeks by President Donald Trump, who has been calling for a rapid reopening of the U.S. economy even as the death toll moves higher.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday his government will be “very, very careful about reopening any international travel, including the United States before we feel that it is time.”

Trudeau said the focus is cutting down the number of domestic Covid-19 cases in order to restart certain sectors of the economy.

“That must be done gradually, it must be done with tremendous vigilance and we need to make sure that we have the mechanisms and the materials in place to deal with any further spreads or spikes,” Trudeau told reporters.

“Preventing transmission from outside of Canada into Canada once we have controlled the spread within Canada will be an essential part of ensuring that we don’t fall back into a second wave that could be as serious as this wave we’re going through, or even more so.”

On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that, even without any changes to the border restrictions, the frontier will see more travelers as the economies in both countries restart.

Freeland predicted more essential movements across the border as business activity picks up — and she added it will force the government to do even more to ensure Canadians’ safety.

As things open up, Tam said the ability to test, track, isolate and quarantine people will remain the “key cornerstones” of public health practices.

She said the provinces have been informed Canada will first see how well things go as it lifts domestic restrictions before it moves to open its international border.

“It is something that we’ll have to watch really carefully so that it is not an issue that’s going to overwhelm our public health capacity.”

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