There’s So Much More Garbage On Facebook Than You Even Realize And It’s Impossible To Keep Up

There are 1.56 billion daily active users on Facebook, and the platform disabled 2.19 billion fake accounts in Q1 2019. Plus more disturbing stats from the company’s latest Community Standards Enforcement Report. View Entire Post ›

Amazon Asks The Public To Report Abuses Of Its Facial Recognition Technology In A Web Form

“This yet again underscores the urgent need for Amazon to get out of the surveillance business. They simply do not know what they are doing,” said civil liberties attorney Matt Cagle. View Entire Post ›

Facebook Will Ban People Who Violate Its Rules From Using Facebook Live, Used To Broadcast The New Zealand Shootings

Months after the man who shot 51 Muslims to death inside two Christchurch mosques streamed the attacks on Facebook Live, Facebook wants to clamp down. View Entire Post ›

A Company Claims Its $330 Thermometer Can Predict Fertility. But A Key Study Supporting It Was Just Retracted.

The company claimed that the thermometer successfully predicted fertility in 99.4% of its customers. But the study that it was based on was pulled for selectively using data that made it look good — and undercounting possible unintended pregnancies. View Entire Post ›