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Commes Des F*** On! Japanese Fashion Brand Blasted For Cultural Appropriation Abomination

Comme Des Garcons

Source: Estrop / Getty

Japanese Fashion Brand Commes des Garçons Blasted For Cultural Appropriation Abomination

A popular Japanese fashion label’s Paris Fashion Week Show is causing a commotion after their crusty cornrowed choice of coiffure. Comme des Garçons’ fall/winter 2020 line featured some awful and appropriated lace front wigs worn by white models.

Comme Des Garcons

Source: Estrop / Getty

The cultural appropriation abominations quickly went viral and Twitter was mixed between laughing at the ridiculousness of the forehead covering cornrows and others suggesting that Comme des Garçons is trolling.

The hairstylist for the runway show Julien d’Y has since apologized on Instagram and said he drew inspo from Egyptian Princes.

“Dear all, My inspiration for the comme des garçons show was Egyptian prince: A Look i found truly beautiful and inspirational. A look that was an hommage. Never was it my intention to hurt or offend anyone , ever. If I did I deeply apologize.”

What. A. Mess.

What do YOU think about these cultural appropriation abominations?


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