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Fockinell, Bruv! Kehinde Andrews And Jonzi D Send Soup Cookies Into Haggis Hissy Fit For Berating Bigoted British Empire

Kehinde Andrews

Source: WENN / WENN

Kehinde Andrews And Jonzi D Anger Whites By Rightfully Excoriating British Empire

If you think things are f***ed here in America perhaps you can take some comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Our brothas and sistas across the pond are dealing with many of the same issues that Black folks are dealing with stateside.

A couple days ago on Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan & co. were discussing Labour Party candidate Lisa Nandy’s call to remove the word “Empire” from their national honour system because of the connotation that the word holds towards racism and worse.

On the panel was Kehinde Andrews and rapper Jonzi D who offered the correct perspective in a room full of white folks who couldn’t seem to grasp the idea that murdering and pillaging are terrible, awful things.

The brothas set them all straight in no uncertain terms.

We’re not sure what Brits call “crackers”, but Kehinde’s truth-telling definitely triggered them!

Sound familiar? SMFH.


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