For Discussion: Amanda Seales Says White Chicks With ‘Fat A$$e$’ Are Feeling Superior To Black Queens…And Black Men Are Making It WORSE

Amanda Seales, YesJulz

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Let’s Discuss How Black Men Keep Going Ga-Ga Over Thick White Women Who Spite Our Sistas

Happy Friday everyone!

This week’s biggest story has left a bad taste in the mouths of Black women all over.

Just an update for you — Daniel Caesar remains UNAPOLOGETIC about his drunken lecture where he basically said Black folks being “mean to white people”  was the reason we don’t progress. He tweeted and deleted that he was sorry, nor did he feel “ugly” after being dragged.  Caesar’s comments stem from him defending dubbed culture vulture YesJulz after she was dragged for shading Karen Civil and Scottie Beam on a podcast.

YesJulz has a history of slandering Black women in spaces reserved for fans of Black music and culture…and also on Twitter. But whyyy is she still even a thing in OUR spaces???

Welp, Amanda Seales has chimed in with her own theory, and she may be right. It seems like every time YesJulz is called out for her attitude towards Black women, Black men are jumping in to save her. Murda Mook, Daniel Caesar, random black dudes with razor bumps on Twitter. They can’t seem to let her take the heat from her actions alone.

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Do you think a fat a$$ is the reason this woman thinks she can be nasty in spaces she takes away from deserving Black women?? Why do you think Black men keep giving her a platform?


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