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For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Top 5 Most Memorable Super Bowl LIV Commercials [Video]

NFL: FEB 02 Super Bowl LIV - Chiefs v 49ers

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The Best And Most Memorable Super Bowl 2020 Commercials



While a lot of commercials this year went the funny route, the NFL spent their ad time moving us all to tears. The introduction to The Super Bowl featured a young kid running across the country with a football, past famous athletes and even a Pat Tillman statue, with people telling him, “Take it to the house, kid.”

Even if you didn’t watch The Super Bowl this year, this one will still tug at your heartstrings.


Unlike most of the other spots that made their debut during the big game, TurboTax’s advertisement doesn’t feature any celebrities– just average people doing everyday things while they dance to a song that emphasizes, “All People Are Tax People.”


There was no way the Super Bowl could have passed without Lil Nas X starring in a commercial, and this spot was absolutely perfect for him. Cool Ranch Doritos are the prize for a cowboy face off between Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X, of course, using “Old Town Road” as a theme music for it all.


Even though it’s pretty predictable, this Cheetos commercial really hit the nail on the head. Eating a bag of that forbidden orange fruit is known for coating your fingers with an unmistakable neon dust, and apparently, our fingers will be just as filthy when we try the new Cheetos Popcorn.

This ad pairs the idea of using your Cheeto fingers to get out of some important obligations with MC Hammer repeatedly shouting his famous “Can’t Touch This” line. It’s the perfect combination of cheesy and cheesy to catch your attention.


While the commercial itself wasn’t in typical Super Bowl style, it’s impossible to act like Marvel’s “Big Game” spot wasn’t one of the most memorable.

In this announcement, Marvel Studios lets us know that the universe is expanding, and best of all, it’s all coming to Disney+ sometime soon. This ad gives us a sneak peek at three highly-anticipated shows that were announced a few months back: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki. Though fans already knew these series were on the way, this first look has everyone’s excitement at an all-time high.


These five commercials were some of the most memorable, but there are dozens of other ads that caught viewers’ attention all night long. Flip through the next few pages to see some other spots you might have missed.


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