Glow Worm Groupie Drizzy Drake Tried To Cover Up His Stephen Curry And Kevin Durant Tattoos While Cheering His Raptors And Got CLOWNED

2019 NBA Finals - Game One

Source: Vaughn Ridley / Getty

Toronto’s biggest fan this season Drake was front and center courtside to cheer on his beloved Raptors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Everyone was wondering what his super fandom would like and how he would make himself the center of attention. He didn’t disappoint. He showed up wearing a Dell Curry (Stephen Curry’s dad) Toronto Raptors jersey. He was talking trash all game, even pulling lent from Curry’s hair during a game.

Then when the game was over, he got in Draymond’s face and called the whole team trash. However, Twitter also noticed that Drake was wearing a Nike band over his arm.

It looked like he was trying to go run a scrimmage, however the real reason he was wearing the bands was to cover up tattoos he has on his arm. What are the tattoos? Stephen Curry’s name and jersey number and Kevin Durant’s name and jersey number. Uhhhhh…word?

Twitter had ALL kinds of jokes for Drake, his fandom and his fathering.


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