Ho Sit Down: North Carolina Teacher Resigns After Threatening To Shooting Up Her School

Back view of school kids raising their hands on a class in the classroom.

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North Carolina School Teacher Resigns After Threatening Mass Shooting

What in THE entire f**k is going on here?!?

An elementary school teacher in Hillsborough, N.C., Kristen Thompson, has resigned after her colleagues reported her for threatening to shoot up Pathways Elementary School according to Fox8.

Thompson has bee charged with communicating a threat of mass violence by the Orange County Sheriff’s office:

“This situation is being handled by law enforcement with the safety of our students and school staff as our utmost concern. Meanwhile, this situation is also being dealt with by school leadership as a personnel issue as well as a safety one. As such, the principal and other administrators are strictly forbidden by law from sharing information about the case. A threat of school violence is understandably unsettling for the community. Please know that the school and law enforcement are working together as a team to ensure the last few weeks of the school year are safe and productive for our students.”

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! It’s bad enough we have to worry about psychopaths murdering school kids, now we gotta worry about the damn teachers too?!?!



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