#LHHATL: Mimi Vs. Stevie J And Faith Evans Has Twitter Picking Sides…But Whose Side Are They On?!

LHHATL faith evans

Source: VH1 / VH1

Mimi Drama Is BYKE

We knew this season of Love & Hip-Hop would be explosive and we knew this feud would be at the center of it. Mimi and Stevie J have had the longest reality show back and forth love/hate relationship of all time. Now, they’re gearing up to fight some more as Mimi was upset Stevie introduced their daughter to Faith Evans before Mimi *checks notes* met Faith Evans? Really?

Twitter was a bit confused because it’s not like Faith Evans is some stranger. She’s Faith Evans! Also, Mimi might not wanna get buck at Faith who can get scrappy when she wants. Twitter was firmly on ONE person’s side, so peep the shade they were tossing. Also, peep their skepticism about ANOTHER story Mimi was telling.


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