Love & Knockout: Brittney Taylor’s Lawyer Tells Remy Ma ‘This Is Serious, Not A Reality TV’

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Brittney Taylor’s Lawyer Addresses Remy Ma

After several weeks of folks speculating whether she did it or not, Remy Ma decided to turn herself in to police custody after allegedly socking Love & Hip Hop Brittney Taylor in the face during an Irving Plaza cancer benefit concert in New York last month. According to Remy’s lawyer, Dawn Florio, the rapper has an alibi for why she couldn’t have been the one to attack Brittney at the show.

“That is a complete impossibility because at 9:30 p.m … she was at home nursing her 4-month-old. My client denies these allegations; these are false allegations.”

But on Thursday, both Britney’s mother and attorney had a message for Ms. Ma (real name Reminisce Smith) when they spoke to the press about the incident. Taylor’s lawyer proclaimed:

“Remy Ma has been charged criminally with assault and harassment. This is serious. This is real life, not reality television.”

Brittney’s mom, Karen Taylor added:

“I am just here to support my daughter. I believe that it is a very unfortunate situation on both parties. However, my daughter was assaulted.”

Since turning herself in on Wednesday, Remy has been released on $1,500 bail. Her lawyer, Dawn, says Rem is currently on parole until July 31 and added that Remy has had a perfect record until this.



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