Maleah Davis: Houston PD Declares Stepfather A Suspect In Missing 4-Year-Old Girl Case

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Darion Vence Declared Person Of Interest In Maleah Davis Disappearance

There’s been an update in the devastating news story where a 4-year-old Houston child went missing. Her stepdad is now a person of interest.

Houston police declared Darion Vence a person of interest earlier today after decided he gave “conflicting stories” in regards to missing Maleah Davis. Just hours before Vence became a suspect, CNN’s Nick Valencia spoke directly to Brittany Bownes, Maleah’s mom and she doubts the story circulating about her daughter is true.

He tweeted the following quote from Britany Bownes, Maleah’s mom.

“His story doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t. But in my gut, I believe him.” Brittany Bowens, mother of missing 4-year-old tells me when asked if she believes her fiancé’s story. In a wide ranging phone interview she also denies any abuse at the home.

Maleah’s mother says of the step-father. “His story, it don’t sound right…Honestly, I haven’t really talked to him much because I’ve been focused on finding Maleah. I called his family…and he’s devastated.”

Related to Brittany Bowens’ feelings on her fiancee’s story, Houston PD also believes that Darion Vence gave conflicting stories. Fox 26 reporter Sally McDonald reports that HPD has officially declared Vence a person on interest in Maleah Davis’ disappearance.

Vence was the last person to see Maleah before she went missing. Vence told police he, his 2-year-old son and his stepdaughter Maleah were abducted Friday evening by three men in a blue Chevrolet pickup truck. He said he was knocked out by one of the men and when he regained consciousness, Maleah and the family’s car were gone.

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