ManBae Of The Day: Thimble-Sized Tantalizer Da Baby Is ASMR-Voicing His Way Through An Internet Full Of Soggy Drawls And Here’s Proof

Da Baby Music Video

Source: YT/Record Label / YT

You may or may not be up on all the new rapper people these days, but there’s at least one you need to pay attention to. His name is Da Baby. Before you laugh, like so many other people have, you need to pay attention. Da Baby is a Charlotte, NC rapper who has made a buzz with his catchy songs but he’s also surprising women across the internet every time he talks.

His deep voice, platinum teeth, and smile seem to mesmerize ladies and drawls across the internet. Take a look at this video…

So, there’s one catch. He’s short as hell but women don’t seem to mind.

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The last 48 hours w/ Baby. 🎥: @reelgoats

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He’s already activated their innermost street dude fantasies.

Take a look at more pictures, videos and reactions to see what all Da Baby fuss is about.


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