Poll: Majority of Americans say coronavirus testing responsibility falls on federal government

The Pew poll also found a partisan divide in how U.S. adults view state and local governments’ handling of the outbreak, as well as Trump’s response to the pandemic.

Republicans give lower ratings to both state and local government officials than they did in March, with around 60 percent of these U.S. adults rating the responses as “excellent or good.” Democrats were at about 65 percent for both state and local officials’ handling of the outbreak.

In late March, Republicans rated elected state officials at 72 percent and elected local officials at 73 percent. Democrats‘ ratings of state and local officials didn’t see as much of a change in May, with a 69 percent rating for state officials and a 66 percent rating for local officials in March.

The divide is much larger when assessing Trump’s response to the pandemic, with 77 percent of Republicans rating the president’s response as “excellent or good.” Only 11 percent of Democrats rate Trump’s handling of the outbreak as “excellent or good.” Republican and Democratic voters’ ratings of the president have dropped since March, with 83 percent of Republicans and 18 percent of Democrats saying Trump was doing an “excellent or good job“ in the last survey.

The data was drawn from a panel of 10,957 randomly selected U.S. adults and was conducted via self-administered web surveys from April 29 to May 5. Respondents without internet access were provided with tablets and wireless internet connection. The margin of sampling error is 1.4 percentage points.

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