Shopping Haul Hilarity: Rickey Thompson Goes Shopping With Help From Cleo [Video]

Rickey Thompson Goes Shopping With Help From Cleo

Everyone knows super hilarious high-energy social media star Rickey Thompson-–but do you know Cleo?

Rickey is taking his over 4 million followers into his closet for a shopping haul that perfectly highlights his unique style. Moreover, he’s sharing his expense tracking secret weapon; Cleo.

Cleo’s the AI assistant with a sense of humor that helps the most hopeless spenders money like a boss. She analyzes your transactions and spending habits to track your balance, give you suggestions, and keep you under budget.

Click here to download.

As for Rickey, it’s clearly working; he’s “looking great, feeling great” and “booked and busy”—as always.

Peep Rickey’s shopping haul hilarity with Cleo above.


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