So Sad: Mom Dies In Dominican Republic After Getting Cheap Cosmetic Surgery Against Family’s Wishes

Every good surgeon plans an operation mentally

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Mom Dies After Undergoing Cheap Cosmetic Surgery In Dominican Republic

Another person has died trying to undergo cheap cosmetic surgery.

According to PIX11, Alexandria Medina, a 33-year-old mom from New Rochelle, saved money for years to have liposuction in the Dominican Republic, where it costs substantially less than the U.S.

Despite the objection of her mother, Medina visited a clinic where two patients had already died. PEOPLE reports that Dominican surgeon Dr. Félix Almánzar agreed to the liposuction and tummy tuck operations on Medina. This was after U.S. doctors told Medina she needs to lose more weight before undergoing any procedures.

On Friday, while undergoing the liposuction, Medina died on the operating table at the Santo Domingo clinic. The death certificate claims she died because of a fatty tissue embolism, or blood clot.

“She was beautiful and they killed her,” Medina’s mom Connie Toro said. “They took away my little girl.”

Medina said she already had concerns even before she got on the operating table. When she arrived at the clinic, Toro said Medina called her and explained that the clinic was dirty and she had to pay the surgeon up front.

According to Medina’s sister, Maxine David, the surgeon didn’t even perform the tummy tuck.

“He handed it off to an obstetrician, someone who is not a board certified plastic surgeon,” David said.

The sister doesn’t fully believe that an embolism caused her sister’s death.

“How am I to believe that that was actually the cause of death and that she stopped breathing. It could be he punctured her lung,” Toro said.

Medina’s mom is now seeking justice after her daughter’s death.

“First it was shock, disbelief, then it was crying continuous, then it was becoming sporadic and now it’s anger,” she said. “I’m going to hold onto this until they get these people.”

Toro has been in contact with Dominican Authorities, and she said the FBI is also investigating.

Medina left behind a 14-year-old son and husband. The clinic where she died has since been shut down.


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