What Breakup? Jasmine Sanders Back On Good Terms With Alleged Hit-And-Run Philanderer Terrence J

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Exes Jasmine Sanders And Terrence J Back On Better Terms

It looks like model Jasmine Sanders still has a huge soft spot for her ex-boyfriend Terrence J after their public breakup last year.

Their breakup was prompted by Terrence J being involved in a hit-and-run investigation while he was driving with a lady friend in the wee hours of the night around Hollyweird. Seemingly, the couple broke up right after headlines spread around the accident and fans questioned Terrence’s mysterious lady passenger.

Jasmine is sweeping the incident under the bridge, for now. She’s been seen chucking in Terrence J’s comments on Instagram leading folks to believe they’re on better terms. Yesterday she even sent Terrence a birthday shout out on Instagram.

But don’t get too ahead of this story, they’re not reunited just yet. Jasmine used an old photo to shout her ex out on IG. Currently, she’s rocking a different hairstyle and spent the week with friends at Coachella. Hit the flip to see.


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