Ya Hate To See It: Tracy Morgan’s Car Got Sideswiped Only 15 Minutes After Buying His New Bugatti

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Tracy Morgan Gets Into Car Accident Right After Buying New Car

Tracy Morgan has some seriously bad luck with cars.

On Tuesday, what was probably an amazing day for the comedian turned into the opposite over the course of just a few minutes. According to reports from TMZ, the Morgan got his new Bugatti sideswiped just 15 minutes after driving it off the lot.

The painfully annoying accident happened in New York City. Tracy’s luxury sports car was hit by a man driving a Honda CR-V, as seen in footage captured by witnesses. At the moment, it’s unclear who is at fault, but according to reports, the man driving the Honda tried to turn right at the last second and crashed into Morgan’s brand new vehicle. A few minutes later, police arrived on the scene to speak to both parties involved and discern who was at fault and it appears the comedian was not ticketed for the accident. He was seen by emergency responders, however, after stating that he was experiencing some pain following the collision.

Tracy’s 2012 Bugatti retails at close to $2 million, so the driver of the Honda CR-V could be in some real trouble if he is found to be at fault–but luckily for him, photos show minimal damage to Morgan’s very expensive car.

When news of the car accident broke, fans immediately remembered the beloved comedian’s 2014 highway accident–which caused Morgan to rush over to social media to inform people that he’s doing okay.

Even though get sideswiped in a brand new Bugatti has got to be extremely annoying, we’re just glad this accident was a lot more mild than his previous one.


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