Yikes! 13 Caucasian ‘Welfare Queens’ Arrested For Defrauding Over $104,000 In Social Services

Many Elderly Qualify, But Do Not Participate in SNAP

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

13 White Women Arrested For Welfare Fraud In New York

On Friday, authorities in St. Lawrence County, New York arrested 13 white women for welfare fraud with four more arrests pending. According to police, the women stole $104,000 — from folks who actually needed the benefits. The sweep is being called the largest welfare fraud sweep in St. Lawrence County history.

Georgeanna L. Aldous, 47, Kandy L. Butler, 29, Brandi David, 41, Ashley Debiew, 25, Cara E. Dimon, 25, Jessica Driscoll, 29, Crystal L. Lalone, 39, Amber Morrill, 35, Kerry M. Pelo, 36, Star L. Perrin, 39, Lynn A. Ryan, 46, Sherri A. Scott, 51 and Nancy G. Sherman, 27, all stole individual amounts of welfare that ranged from $1,000 up to over $31,000. According to investigators, the women failed to accurately report their income and have been charged with varying degrees of welfare fraud that ranged from the third and fourth degree.

The 13 arrests were made possible following an investigation by the St. Lawrence County Social Services Fraud Unit, District Attorney Fraud Investigator and the St. Lawrence County District Attorneys Office.

“Here in St. Lawrence County, our welfare benefits provide vital support to genuinely needy families at great cost to honest hard working taxpayers,” District Attorney Gary Pasqua said in a statement. “Those individuals who gain benefits through deception are stealing medicine, groceries, and other necessary provisions from innocent children, vulnerable seniors, working citizens, and others in need.”

If convicted, the women face 4-7 year prison sentences and/or probation. Yikes!


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