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2 Week Snapback: Lira Galore’s FLAT Post-‘Stormborn’ Stomach Sparks Surgery Rumors

Lira Galore

Source: / Splash News

Lira Galore Shows Off Flat Stomach 2-Weeks After Giving Birth

After already showing off a six-day snapback, Lira Galore’s back looker even tauter after her baby.

The model and mommy to baby Khaleesi who’s named after “Game Of Thrones” character Daenerys (Stormborn) Targaryen, took to Twitter to deny rumors she had a tummy tuck after giving birth.

Lira first shared a video of her AMAZING snapback…

before chastizing followers who’ve slammed her with surgery rumors. Instead of surgery Lira says her tummy’s super taut because of genetics and she used her mother as an example.

She also added that she inquired about surgery on her breasts but a doctor told her she’d have to wait.

Welp! That’s that on that.


Other women who’ve flaunted their post-baby weight loss include Anansa Sims who lost 45 pounds in 7 weeks, Ne-yo’s wife Crystal Smith who was back to tiny in two weeks and Natalie Nunn whose stomach snapped back flat in just two days.

It’s possible to lose a ton of weight like this if you’re breastfeeding.


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