Auntie’s Advice: Teddy Ray Wants You To Save $20,000 For An ‘Adventure Budget’—He’ll Save $700 [Video]

Auntie’s Advice Episode 1: Teddy Ray

On the first episode of Auntie’s Advice, Jeanine Daniels brings on hilarious comedian Teddy Ray to dish out some advice on dating.

A man asks the duo what he should do about the female breadwinner in his house; should he pay for dates since they go half on rent and bills? According to Teddy, the duo needs to come to an agreement and set aside an “adventure budget” to have fun with.

If Teddy were in the relationship he’d expect the woman to save $20,000 a year since she’s CLEARLY a big baller. As for him, a meager $700 a year should do. (LOL)

On this episode, they also talk Big Chop detractors, rules for revealing body counts and dealing with career struggles.

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