#BlackInkCHI: Impeccable Tattooer Shine Ditches Messy Old 9MAG, Van’s ‘Not As Poppin’ Artists Scare Off His Clients [Video]

Shine, Black Ink Chicago

Source: @ishineink / Instagram

#BlackInkCHI: Charmaine Tries To Woo Shine’s Customers After He Quits, But New Guys Ruin It

The old 9MAG shop just keeps taking L’s! The OG crew actually had some potential customers after starting over from scratch with Van as the new boss. Two ladies walked in looking to get work done by Shine, who worked at the shop during the first half of the season. Unfortunately, Shine QUIT before they came in.

Shine already had a huge social media following because of his impeccable skills before 9MAG and felt he had to break out after just a few episodes.

Here is a peek at his beautiful tattoo style:

With Shine gone, Charmaine does exactly what she needed to do here to sell the ladies on one of the other “artists” — but the men get RUDE when the ladies bring up Shine’s tattoo style. WTH?

Do you think this behavior is professional at all??? In related news, Shine details why he quit 9MAG after the flip.


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