#BlackInkChi: Ryan Took His Shirt Off To Break Up THIS Fight And Melted Twitter’s Panty Drawls

Ryan shirtless

Source: VH1 / VH1

Ryan’s Shirtlessness Destroys Twitter

In case you’ve missed it, Ryan has been out here hitting the gym hard as hell and transforming his whole entire body.

This week, Junior and S.P. had a huge fight and he was saying some pretty horrible stuff to her. They needed to be broken up. It was really intense and everyone was hooked on the drama…then…Ryan came and broke it up.

For some reason, he had to break it up with his shirt off, causing women to want him to break THEM off with his shirt off and, well, you can see why.

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The reactions were thirsty and we can’t blame them. Take a look…


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