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Bump Bump Bumps: Is Another B2K “Brother” To Blame For Raz B’s Break From The Millennium Tour?

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Was Raz B Driven Off Tour By Another B2K Group Member

The Millennium Tour has been one of the biggest highlights of 2019 so far, but it hasn’t been without it’s bump bump bumps! On Friday B2K announced that Raz B would be sitting out their Florida dates.

To Our Fans,
Raz B has made the brave decision to take some time off to focus on his health and well-being, and will not be performing at the Florida dates of The Millennium Tour. We send our love and full support to our brother as he embarks on this self care journey. We love you all and can’t wait to see you in Jacksonville!

The move comes after a recent domestic violence arrest and comments several weeks ago from Raz B on Instagram stating that he didn’t feel safe because he thought Chris Stokes was around and that he would be quitting the tour. The following day all four group members made a video clearing things up to assure fans the tour would continue with Raz.

BUT an inside source tells BOSSIP exclusively that despite that united front, Raz B’s stressors came from within the band, saying one of his fellow members has been trolling Raz B, who suffers from extreme PTSD.

Several weeks ago, the source says J. Boog antagonized Raz B at the B2K Meet & Greet in Houston by wearing a shirt that says I DON’T FEEL SAFE.

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What does Raz B’s body language here say to you?

“I’m not sure why more people don’t seem to realize that Boog is close friends and business partners with Chris Stokes,” the insider shared with BOSSIP.

The relationship doesn’t seem to be something the two hide at all. Earlier this year Boog released a movie with Chris Stokes.

Anybody else notice Boog did most of the talking after Raz’s breakdown in March?

Hmmmm… Real interesting. It doesn’t seem like it would make sense to sabotage your own tour — but it also doesn’t make sense to wear that t-shirt. Do you believe J. Boog has been antagonizing Raz B? Or do you think Raz just wasn’t ready to revisit his rocky past on the road?


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