Celebrity Seeds: Domani Drops ‘Time Will Tell’ Project, Gets Support From Proud Papa T.I.

Domani Harris

Source: Photo via Audible Treats / @audibletreats

Domani Harris Drops Gems In New “Time Will Tell” Project

A testament to Domani’s motivation to forge his own path in the industry, the 14-track album is a collection of confessions, dreams, and emotional realizations that Domani has faced during his teenage years. Filled with sophisticated lyrics, bursts of poetry, and live dialogue, Domani provides a reflective look into his struggles with his image and his privilege. With no features or major producers, this project is a look at the perils of seeking superstardom, anchored by Domani‘s lyrical skill, Time Will Tell releases via EMPIRE.
Domani recently graduated from high school and as he transitions to the next phase of life, this new project is a philosophical coming-of-age for him. If you look deep into the cover art you can see how that is reflected. Although he comes from a plush garden of comfort, he’s ready to go into the forest alone and trailblaze his own path.
T.I.P. couldn’t be prouder of his son, he admitted on Instagram that Domani’s project “shocked the s*** out of him.”
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