Classic Love Story: Preschool ‘Sweethearts’ Reconnect Years Later & Get Married

Former Preschool Sweethearts Get Married

A super sweet love story is coming out of Florida. The TODAY show recently featured couple Natalie Crowe and Austin Tatman who met in preschool in Ocala, Florida, in 1999. The kiddie duo was apparently super close and considered “sweethearts.” The tots always hung out on playdates and posed for pics together that is until when that were both 5, Crowe moved to Connecticut when her parents got divorced.

The two then lost contact but 12 years later reunited when Natalie found her mother’s address book that had Tatman’s old information in it. Following that they connected on Facebook and later began dating.

“From the second that we met in pre-K we were best friends,” Crowe told TODAY. “Our parents pretty much told us that it was a very, very special bond that we shared.”

Now their fairytale romance has culminated with a wedding. The couple tied the knot in April and their stroybook romance was also profiled on Inside Edition.

Ain’t love grand?

Do YOU have someone from your past you want to reconnect with?


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