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Ex-Files: BOTH Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Got DRAGGED To Dr. Philville For Their Sad Twitter Fighting

Meek Mill Hosts Album Release Party

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Nicki And Meek Got Dragged

Well we knew this was bound to happen. Nicki and Meek were always headed in this direction. The two of them were destined to fight it out. Well it finally happened. The two slung all sorts of dirt at one another: Meek accused Nicki of defending her brother who was found guilty of child rape. Nicki accused Meek of abuse. It got ugly very fast.

In the midst of it all, Meek let the world know his bae is pregnant (which we all pretty much figured anyway). To think this all started with Meek LIKING a joke about Nicki’s husband and the way he dresses.

Twitter did not hesitate to clown the hell out of the former couple for acting like complete idiots. Peep the most brutal dragging they received.


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