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MegaYawn: Shawnna Fires Desperate Shots At Nicki Minaj, Gets Chun-Li Kicked Back To 2006

Shawnna Vs. Nicki Minaj

Another day, another Nicki-related “beef” that popped off when once promising rapper Shawnna fired thinly veiled shots at the polarizing rapper over her comments about female rappers (basically that she’s the best of them all) on the Joe Budden Podcast.

Now, we’re not completely sure where Shawnna has been for the past decade or why she took offense to Nicki’s personal opinion but she responded in a spicy IG Live without actually saying her name.

Yea, it’s all very, very random (with a splash of ‘huh?’) and sparked hilarious chaos across social media.

Peep the hilarious hysteria over Shawnna’s bubbling beef with Nicki Minaj on the flip.


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