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Scot-Free: Bootlickin’ Senators Vote To Acquit Donald Trump Of Both Articles Of Impeachment


Source: Caroline Brehman / Getty

Donald Trump Acquitted Of Both Impeachment Articles In Senate Vote

Welp, there you have it. No surprises.

After weeks of testimony and arguing and gaslighting and defending lies, Senate Republicans have voted to allow Donald Trump to get away with the constitutional violations that he’s accused of.

67 votes were necessary to get a conviction and Republicans (99%) weren’t about to break from the partisan pack to vote otherwise.

Earlier this afternoon, Alabama Senator Doug Jones (Democrat) and Senator Mitt Romney (Republican) both made it very clear that will vote to remove Trump from his office.

It looks like the American people will have to enforce the law at the ballot box and have not only the president, but those bootlickers who have protected him against accountability.


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