So Sad: Autopsy Reveals Atlanta Mom Seemingly Shot Children Several Times Before Turning Gun On Herself

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Report: Autopsy Reveals Atlanta Mom Shot Children Several Times Before Turning Gun On Herself

The shocking case surrounding the Atlanta mom who seemingly committed a murder-suicide has taken an even darker turn. As previously reported family and friends of Marsha Edwards, the ex-wife of the prominent surgeon Dr. Christopher Edwards, were shocked to learn the mother allegedly killed her two adult children before turning the gun on herself.

All seemed well between Marsha and her two kids, Chris, a 24-year-old digital content manager for the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment, and Erin, a 20-year-old student at Boston University.
The group had recently traveled to the National Association of Black Journalists conference in Miami and Marsha’s last IG post was about her having the “best summer” while praising her kids.

“I could not ask for better children,” wrote Marsha.

Now WSBTV reports that an autopsy released Wednesday by the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office shows that Marsha indeed did do the unthinkable, she shot her children multiple times and then shot herself.

Erin Edwards whose body was found in the same room as her mother was shot twice in the left arm and once in the chest. Her brother Christopher Edwards’ death was much more violent. He was shot six times, once in the back of the head, once in the abdomen, twice in the back, once in his left arm and once in his shoulder.

Police can’t determine which child Marsha allegedly killed first before turning the gun on herself but she was shot once in the chest.


The senior Dr. Christoper Edwards recently thanked the public for the outpouring of support he received after the deaths.

“The cards and prayers came from all over Georgia, not just Atlanta,” Edwards ahead of the housing authority’s meeting, reports WSBTV. “Then they came in from the nation, and most recently, they have now been coming in from the world. You reached me, and I thank you so very much.”

This story is still so bizarre, Ms. Edwards was lauded in her community as a kind, caring mom and civic leader—-did she just suddenly snap?!


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