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Some Blerd 4 Nerd Swirl: Meet Doja Cat’s Awkwardly Cute Caucasian Boyfriend, Johnny Utah

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Doja Cat’s Boyfriend Is Eccentric Like Her!

It’s always interesting to see the significant others of buzzing artists. Well, we’ve got a cute, swirling couple for you as Doja Cat enters the chat. The ‘Juicy’ singing is dating a guy named Johnny Utah and he happens to also be a musician.

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Johnny Utah is a soft-spoken indie-funk artist. He currently resides in West Philadelphia. In an IG live video they recorded together, the couple explains how they shot their shot at each other on Instagram. Click here to see it.

Soja said that she discovered her future man on youtube but ironically hated his song. His pants, however, caught her eye. Then she visited his IG profile, writing “baby I love you.” under his photo. Johnny returned the love, claiming “I told my little brother we were together, don’t make me look like a liar”… and the rest was history.

He seems nice. Hit the flip for more of Doja Cat and her nerdy boo Johnny Utah.


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