Stephen Colbert Clowns Cheeto-In-Chief Donald Trump For Cluelessly Co-Signing 2020 Campaign Collusion [Video]

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Stephen Colbert Goes In On Donald Trump For Collusion Comments

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, much like the rest of the world, was shocked by Donald Trump’s admission that he would accept dirt on a 2020 political rival from a foreign nation–but he’s not surprised that the Cheeto-in-Chief would do it in the first place, just the fact that he’s blatantly admitting to it.

“Every night I stand here and I make jokes about all of Donald Trump’s lies,” Colbert reckoned. “But today I think I might owe him an apology because it turns out it’s even worse if he tells the truth.”

As Trumpito digs himself into a deeper hole, questioning what could be wrong with doing something illegal, the late night host continues to pound into the President–and the result is pure comedy.


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