Sure, Jan: Exactly Zero People Believe Rasheeda’s “Confession” That She Cheated On Kirk And The Jokes Are Flying


Source: VH1 / VH1

If you watched this week’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta then you know the crew had a bit of marriage counseling led by the beacons of marital bliss…*checks notes*…Kirk and Rasheeda. This was going to be bad from the jump. The big news out of the counseling session was Rasheeda saying that she had been unfaithful to Kirk in the past. We guess this was a way to explain why she has stayed with Kirk after years and years of cheating and babies with side chicks.

While this shocked the cast, namely Yung Joe, it didn’t quite get a lot of support from fans who think Rasheeda is full of s***. Basically they think she is making it up so she doesn’t look so much like a boo boo the fool for the way she keeps taking Kirk back.

The jokes are taking off and we can’t stop laughing. Take a look…


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