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Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans White Woman Weeps After Being Called Out By Nessa Over Anti-Kaep Posts 

Nessa vs Jenelle

Source: Splash News/ Getty/ Bruce Glikas / Getty

Nessa Diab Vs. Jenelle Evans

Rule number two in the White Privilege handbook — when confronted on your ish by a person of color, start crying crocodile tears. Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans all about that handbook, because she definitely pulled a page out of it on Monday after being confronted by Teen Mom 2 co-host Nessa Diab on her anti-Kaepernick, pro-Trump social media post.

Nessa, who usually stays out of the casts drama, decided to call out the reality star on her blatant hypocrisy. During the season, Jenelle got pissed at co-star Amber who made accusatory comments on social media about her husband David — but Jenelle turned around and did the same thing to Nessa about her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick. Nessa stayed true to her calm, chill nature — but clearly, Jenelle didn’t want the smoke.

The HOT 97 host stated:

“When I saw those comments, I did not attack you online, nor did I disrespect you over the years. My man uses his platform to peacefully protest police brutality against black people…that is the issue…I would’ve appreciated it if you contacted me.”

An emotional Jenelle responded:

“I honestly have no idea who your boyfriend is…I would like to see [the comments] because what if it was an ad…was it an ad? I’m highly confused right now. I don’t know anything about your husband, and I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about. I swear to god, I’m done with this bullsh*t. This is exactly why I didn’t want to f*cking come here. This is about my storyline, and you want to bring up your issues? Okay. You got your show.”

After the Teen Mom stormed off the stage, Nessa continued on, explaining to Dr. Drew and the audience why she brought up the situation during the show.

“I’ve known Jenelle over the years, and I’ve always been fair and just to her. It wouldn’t have been authentic to who I am to be on this stage with someone who disrespected my family on social media.”

Clearly, certain folks can dish out the drama, but can take it when their confronted about it. What are your thoughts on Nessa Vs. Jenelle? Hit the flip to see the full exchange.


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