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The Bachelor: Victoria Fuller’s ‘White Lives Matter’ Past Gets Her Cosmopolitan Cover Scrapped

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24

Source: John Fleenor / Getty

Bachelor Contestant’s Cosmo Cover Gets Scrapped

On Monday night’s 3 hour episode of The Bachelor, the group date consisted of Peter Weber and his flock of ladies taking part in a swimsuit photoshoot in Costa Rica. The prize this time around was a digital Cosmopolitan cover with Peter, which ended up being awarded to early frontrunner, Victoria Fuller.

But after the episode aired last night, Cosmo’s editor-in-chief, Jessica Pels, had a change of heart and decided to write an open letter on explaining why the mag is not going to publish a digital cover of their March edition: because Victoria once posed in a “White Lives Matter” hat.

The “white” in the slogan was referring to white marlins, and even though Pels says she’s aware the shoot was a pun to raise awareness about over-fishing white marlins, she says that’s irrelevant and the slogan is still racist.

This is one controversy that’s been following Fuller for weeks now as avid Bachelor viewers look into the lives of the contestants off-screen before deciding who they want to root for. It’s not clear whether or not Peter is ever made aware of the ‘White Lives Matter’ hat during the series, but according to some **SPOILERS** he does address another issue that’s been following Victoria around for even longer: allegations that she’s slept with multiple married men.


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