Woah: 9-Year Old Boy Charged With Murder After Shooting His Mother With A Rifle 

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9-Year Old Charged For The Murder Of His Mother

A Michigan mom is dead and her 9-year old son has been charged with murder after police say he shot his mother with a rifle. According to court documents, Pauline Randol was fatally shot by her son at their Fawn River Township home on Monday morning and family found her dead in the living room hours later.

The Randol family says Pauline adopted the boy two years before and had expressed concern for his mental health and the safety of others. Fawn River residents told reporters that they heard screaming coming from the home minutes before deputies arrived at the scene. The boy’s sister, Harley Martin, told WOOD-TV:

“[Pauline] had told her doctor one time she was so scared she was raising the next serial killer. [But] I want people to know that he’s not a bad kid. He loved his mom. I don’t want people to think he did not love his mom. He doesn’t know what he did. He doesn’t understand what’s going on right now at all. He doesn’t understand why he can’t come home or anything.”

The boy has also been charged with using a firearm during the commission of a felony. He is now undergoing psychiatric treatment, but no word on whether or not he’ll be charged as an adult or juvenile.


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